About 2m x 2m of flat space for our most popular 4-6 person tub

About 800-900kg when it’s filled with water before you add people.

We run a long cable out a window from your house, garage or shed, The cable is outdoor rated with double RCA breakers to keep you safe.
Electricity usage is approx: 2.0kw/hr when heating or 0.8kw/hr when filtering (once it reaches the desired temperature).

The total cost of power is only $15-25 for the weekend.

The standard 4-6 person hot tub holds about 780 litres, we fill this from your garden hose. The cost of water is approximately $3 using Watercare’s standard water and wastewater rates.

The temperature increases 1-2 degrees an hour, in winter normally 12 hours in summer sometimes as fast as 8 hours.

It heats to a toasty and safe 40°C (104°F).

You can set the temperature at whatever suits you.. perfect if you have a special temperature in mind, for pregnancy, sports recovery or therapy.

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